Nepal Dining Room

This year, Hem Ghale, the passionate head chef and owner of Nepal Dining Room is bringing the best of Nepal showcasing a menu which will allow our customers to experience the flavoursome and exotic Nepalese food created for Melbourne Winter Night Market. All our products are sourced from our local butcher and fruit & vegetables market and everything is made in house and from scratch making it healthy, fresh and distinctively delicious.


  • Chicken Sekuwa (GF): Popular, authentic, fresh and flavoursome, Nepalese street food Sekuwa. Perfectly charcoal grilled chicken is marinated with garlic, ginger and lime served with Nepalese salsa and Nepalese traditional Chamre rice (rice cooked with ghee, turmeric and cumin seed) and tomato sesame chutney.
  • Sel-roti (GF, Vegetarian), traditional Nepalese deep fried sweet rice flour bread: Our very authentic, traditional and delicious Ring shaped Sel roti, made of ground overnight soaked rice batter mixed with banana, sugar and ghee. It is slightly sweet, can be eaten on its own or with our Nepalese tea.
  • Chiya: Freshly brewed tea with fresh ginger, black pepper, bay leaves and cardamom and milk/without milk